Open Orientation Audio Glasses


Open Orientation Audio Glasses

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Fiveboy Open Orientation Audio Glasses
Combining music, phone, and glasses, it’s easy Directional audio transmission technology | Support voice calls | UV or blue lens
Qualcomm 3034 HD chip | TR90 high quality ultra frame
Remain free ,Have fun in one’s music world
Directional music transmission Sounds into the ear
From then on, No need to put the earphones in your ear
Directional audio technology can accurately project sound into specific areas, whether it’s listening to music or making a phone call, only you can hear it, and people around you can hardly hear anything. At the same time, you can get the sound of the outside world, so that your safety is more secure.
Texas Instrument Power Amplifier Chip High resolution speaker unit
Immerse yourself in original music
The high-resolution speaker unit from the Harman Kardon ,as well as the output from Texas Instruments, plus its own cavity crossover technology, delivers high-quality music and stunning surround sound fields. You can connect to your home’s Bluetooth TV,and you can enjoy cinema-quality surround sound without compromising your family’s rest.
Put down the phone, you can call while driving
Voice calls calling voice assistant Siri Just tap it
Open direction audio glasses with built-in high-sensitivity microphone and noise reduction technology, which can be used to answer, dial, hang up and reject calls by tapping, and also wake up Siri voice assistant and other functions.

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